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Instructions: Move over the white drawing surface and draw.

Explanation: In the winter of 2001, I sat on the R subway line in New York City between the Canal St. and Prince St. subway stops. As soon as the train started moving at Canal St. I started my stopwatch and began trying to draw a straight line on a piece of paper. When I arrived at Prince St. I finished drawing and stopped my stopwatch. Later, I took the line I drew and scanned it into the computer. I then wrote a program to read in the line I drew and move a drawing surface in the exact way the R train moved on that winter day, forever capturing the precise motion of the subway car in relation to where I was seated. It is now possible to exactly recreate that period of time, where one can create all the possible drawings that could have existed in that period of history. In essence I have captured a piece of time in this program.